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Tefillah Short Form

Tefillah Kata sound files for learning a short form of the Shabbat morning service

Healing Short Form

Healing Form sound files for learning an embodied healing form

Vacaville CMF

A Mission Statement for the Jewish Community of Vacaville CMF

Sod Ha-Da'at

Sod Ha-Da'at , translation of a book in Hebrew on the spiritual genius of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov

Ma'aseh Merkavah

Ma'aseh Merkavah an ancient Jewish mystical practice and basis for Jewish prayer

Coming soon ...

  • A daily practice, Circulating the energies
  • The Catholic Kabbalist, a novel
  • Kirvat Elohim
  • Reb Tsvi's youtubes

Welcome to Beit Simchah

Rabbi Tsvi is the founder and director of Beit Simchah, a vehicle for study and practice of Jewish spirituality and Mysticism. Rabbi Tsvi holds accreditations in CPE II, PhD, and a Masters in rabbinic studies.

Raza de Olma, 21 May 2016